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From decor & furniture rentals to curating a special "party-in-a-box" to fit your theme,

let Miss Party Mama plan your pretty party!

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Can we say theme? You name it, Miss Party Mama has either done it or has dreamed about making it a reality. Check out some kids' party favorites or reach out and let the brainstorming begin!


Adults need fun, too! If you've been to an amazing party in the last few years, guaranteed, Miss Party Mama was involved. 40th Birthday Bashes? Yep! School Galas? You bet. Intimate Dinner Parties? Absolutely! Let Miss Party Mama consult on the next big party!



Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple. If you want a ready-to-go-party with a lot of pop, but not a lot of fuss, a Party-in-a-Box is your answer. Whether it's a fun afternoon to celebrate the middle of the week with a craft and a snack or a picnic at the park (or maybe it's the Kids' Table at the next family holiday), Miss Party Mama has got you covered!

Wedding Venue


Maybe you have the vision, but not a lot (or any) of all the necessities. Miss Party Mama has an inventory a mile long of all the party must-haves, and if she doesn't have it, she knows how to get it. Find out more.

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There are so many amazing venues and things to do here on the Central Coast. Miss Party Mama is always looking for ways to bring people together! For her, it's all about relationships. Check out what Miss Party Mama has in the works for the next Community Event!


Do you have a ton of ideas but can't seem to take the next step in planning (or starting to plan) a special event? Miss Party Mama welcomes the chance to connect, chat, and see how she can help get the party started. 

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